Australian-grown sugar cane

We start with sugar cane grown right here in Australia. Nothing imported. As fresh as it gets.

man standing near sugar cane


We take nothing more than beautiful Kimberley rainwater, Australian molasses, and yeast, and ferment it slowly for five days, giving us a strong molasses brew.


We distil the brew in our hand-made double-pot still. No computers, no measurements—it’s all down to our personal touch and taste. We distil to a lower alcohol percentage so we can keep as many of the input flavours as possible.


Our cane spirit’s then matured in barrels that we re-cooper and char ourselves. The climate up here’s perfect for maturing great rum, and we keep it in-barrel for anywhere from 2  to 15 years. The warm days and cool nights lets the rum move around in the barrel, giving it a smooth, sophisticated finish.

photo of charred barrel on fire


We taste every barrel individually and select the best barrels for our blends, which consistently keeps them to Spike’s exacting standards. This process ensures that each blend is unique—just the way we like it.

photo of rum testing bottles

Cut with fresh, tropical rainwater

Born from a land of humidity and cooling monsoons, we cut our blended rum with fresh wet season rainwater. We get a lot of rain up here, so why let it go to waste?

photo of waterfall in the Kimberly

Bottled by Hand

It’s slow, and it’s all done by hand. But this is our way of making good, honest rum.

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