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Limited Release — ORR Triple Cask Blended Rum – Sold Out


700mL bottle – 55.4% alc/vol

All of our rums are blended rums made from a wide range of barrels that are coopered, filled and aged here at the distillery.

Whilst our Ord River Rum Premium takes a blend of 2-3-year-old barrels, aging works a bit differently up our way. The up and down of the tropical climate accelerates the maturing process much faster than in more stable temperatures. So when we say “Aged for three years”, think of it more like “Aged for 3 Kimberley Years” to get a sense of how much barrel contact these have had.

We love the complexity of flavours you get from blending a wide selection of barrels, but a few barrels stand out every now and then, and you want to hone in on those specific flavours.

The Ord River Rum — Triple Cask Blend is an experiment blending three particularly interesting casks to create something distinct and perfectly balanced. And if we don’t mind saying so, it’s bloody delicious too!

The 15-year-old brings maturity with a smooth and long finish.

The 12-year-old brings a bit of spice, with hints of port and yummy raisins.

The 7-year-old brings a youthful energy to it, with notes of refreshing vanilla.

In keeping with our Limited Release Series, we’ve only made 112 bottles of this experiment. Bottled once, then gone forever.


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